SnowBat beginner moves are designed to get you feeling comfortable on a snowboard. These moves will help you find your balance and strengthen your legs. Work through this series of exercises if its been a while since your last ride, or if you have never snowboarded before start here to get the feel of snowboarding.…

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SnowBat intermediate moves will push you to the next level. These moves will help strengthen snowboard specific muscles so that you’re ready for a full day on the slopes. If you’re serious about riding work through this progression on the regular and you’ll start to notice your skills improving on the slope in no time.…

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Double Black


SnowBat expert moves are designed for passionate riders. Snowboarders who want to ride to their maximum potential and keep their park skills sharp should follow this progression. These moves will help strengthen muscles involved in butters, presses, and park tricks and more. Work through these moves to keep you at the top of your game.…

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